Bison Auction Land Between the Lakes

If you're looking for a really big but unpredictable and potentially dangerous pet, we know where you might be able to get one!

As that classic cowboy song says, “Oh, give me a home where the buffalo roam. It’s one request already granted here in the South to both Tennesseans and Kentuckians.

The buffalo herd, near the Homeplace at Land Between the Lakes, is large enough that every other year there’s an opportunity to take one to your own home.

It may not be everyone’s idea of a pasture pet so you might be surprised by some of the people who purchase them.

At the end of the auction, 31 bison bulls, heifers, and calves had been sold. Three of the heifers were pregnant and one of those sold to the young girl you saw in our story, Jaycee Jones.

Six-year-old Lexi Burton didn’t get one this year but she says she’ll be coming back.

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Elk & Bison Prairie – Land Between the Lakes

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