Bicycle Ride Across Tennessee

Bike riders from across the world head down Tennessee highways in search of beautiful scenery, quaint communities, and fun fellowship.


For twenty-five years the Bicycle Ride Across Tennessee, or BRAT, has attracted dedicated riders from all over the United States and even other countries to spend seven days on the road. As Wild Side Guide Alan Griggs found out, the trip is an opportunity to see how special Tennessee really is, while making new friends and enjoying our well-known hospitality at beautiful places like Tims Ford State Park and South Cumberland State Park.

The BRAT is held every year. You can learn more about the next ride, including how to sign up, on the BRAT website, If you’re interested in taking part, make sure you’re in pretty good shape…the riders average about 50 miles a day. Finding a local cycling club and training with its members is a great way to prepare. One of the great benefits of BRAT is the economic boost it brings to small towns along the way. Riders are provided breakfast and dinner, but lunch is on their own and many choose to stop at the cafes and restaurants in those small towns for their noontime meals.

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