Backpacking Pickett

An Introduction to Backpacking and Camping Course was just what some of the hikers expected. But, there were others, like us, who had no idea what was up ahead. We hope you laugh along with us as we hike the Hidden Passage Trail.

If we told you every outdoor adventure turns out the way we expect, well that wouldn’t exactly be the truth. So we adopt the old saying… that which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger… and we laugh along the way. An introduction to backpacking and camping course caught our attention. And since kids were invited, we had visions of a short hike, ending in coolers of ice cold drinks, hamburgers, hot dogs and s’mores. What we actually encountered was several miles over treacherous terrain, carrying heavy backpacks with food and water in short supply. And we had to buck up little camper…

By the time we hiked out to the state park pickup truck… waiting to haul us all back to our cars, it was mirred up in the mud… so we had to dig even deeper into our resolve. It might not have been the most magical experience, but it was the most memorable. We’ve talked about it a lot since then… and now we’re discussing the possibility of a state park SURVIVAL course.

Episode 3311

Pickett State Park

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