B.O.W. — Becoming an Outdoors Woman

Spend a wild weekend with some ladies who are becoming empowered in the world of outdoor adventure.

“Ladies Night Out” used to be the mantra for women who needed a little getaway. But for some, more fortunate females, comes the opportunity to experience an entire wild weekend. These are ladies who are Becoming Outdoors Women. It all takes place in an area outside of Crossville, Tennessee where Wild Side Guide Annette Nole Hall gained access this open society of newly empowered soul sisters. But first a quick stop at the lake to see what it is these particular women want to learn.

This year’s participants thought it important to mention that Becoming an Outdoors Woman is not necessarily a one-time event. There are women who sign up year after year and groups of women who use it as a meeting place for their annual “get-back-together” getaway. The women we talked with who had been more than once told us they not only had fun but also learned something new and useful each and every time.

To learn more about Becoming and Outdoors Woman, contact Donald Hosse at the TWRA at 615-781-6541 or via-e-mail at Don.Hosse@tn.gov.

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