A Family Tradition

Jett Williams carries on the legacy of her famous father Hank, both with song and a love of the outdoors.

For many lovers of country music there will never be a performer who can match the melodies and lyrics of the great Hank Williams. Many of his songs celebrate a life outdoors full of the Wild Side. But the Williams legacy is hardly just a piece of the past. In fact Hank’s daughter Jett carries it on both with song and a love of the outdoors. Wild Side Guide Terry Bulger spent some time with Jett away from the stage, just fishing and listening.

To find out more about Jett and to hear some of her music, visit her website.  Jett’s on the road lifestyle and evening concerts allow her the chance to be up early in the morning, for sunrise fishing all across the world. Those morning moments on the lake serve as relaxation from last night’s show, and inspiration to get out the next night and perform again.

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