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Outdoor Adventure

Survival Shelter Workshop
A homemade shelter may be your key to survival we’ll show you how to make one.

Kids & Family

Tennesssee Christmas Trees
Come follow a Florida family as they harvest one of Tennessee's most popular natural resources.

Fishing & Hunting

A Soldier’s Child
An event designed for things to go right. Because so much has already gone wrong.


The Birthing Tree
We're branching out to visit one of the oldest and largest tourist attractions in the state.

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Thanks for visiting the Wild Side! Our Emmy award-winning outdoor adventure show is produced by RockWater, LLC through the support of Nashville Public Television and the Tennessee State Parks.  Wild Side is a vibrant voice for the environment, helping you experience and explore outdoor adventures just outside your door. Recognized as the “Best Outdoor Show in North America,” Wild Side is hosted by television veteran Steve Hall and airs on PBS stations across Tennessee and Kentucky. Check the schedule below for more.

Birds of Bicentennial
An early morning in Nashville brings us big city birds singing to the tune of condo construction.

White Oak Initiative
See how one woman’s work to save a Tennessee tree carries on the legacy of a famous family.

Hiking Essentials
The Ten Essentials you need for outdoor adventures...and a few more.

Foster Falls Rock Climbing
An introduction to rock climbing brings high hopes for some brave beginners.

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