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Wild Hogs


Wild hogs are considered the most destructive animals in Tennessee, wrecking farmers’ fields and crops and spreading deadly diseases. These large, ferocious animals have been a major focus for the TWRA recently as increased efforts are being made to control their exploding population. But that’s easier said than done. Wild hogs are challenging to trap, much less find, and there are no serious predators to bother them. As Wild Side Guide Alan Griggs tells us, it’s a problem with no end in sight.

The TWRA has a new program called “Hog Watch,” using cellular and remote video technology to monitor hog traps. Wild hogs can be hunted for sport only on specific wildlife management areas, but private landowners have much more latitude in killing the nuisance animals. Specific rules do apply so make sure you check the latest regulations before trying to remove wild hogs from your property.

For more information on wild hogs in Tennessee, visit the TWRA website.

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