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Solar Eclipse

Where were you when the sun stopped shining on that August day? The first total solar eclipse, visible from a large part of the United States in almost one hundred years, was by far one of the most anticipated events in modern times. Dozens of Tennessee State Parks were in the path of totality. Here on the Wild Side we waited until the last minute like a lot of others, then quickly analyzed our options and settled on a short trip to Port Royal.

The very next total solar eclipse will occur in 2019 and be visible in the South Pacific, Chile and Argentina. Here in the United States we will have to wait seven years. But on April 8th, 2024 there will be places of totality that last up to four and a half minutes. According to NASA the diagonal path will take it from Texas to Maine. You might want to plan ahead. ☺

Episode 3306

Port Royal State Park

NASA Eclipse Website