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Mussel Mission


When it comes to a living laboratory, you can’t ask for much better than the Duck River. Its 250 miles of flowing waters are home to a wide variety of freshwater animals. With over 150 species of fish, 55 species of freshwater mussels, and 22 species of aquatic snails, the Duck is world-renowned. So when a group of fourth grade students at the University School of Nashville started researching mussels, it only made sense to take a trip to the Duck. But getting to the mussels requires some paddling first. Wild Side Guide Ken Tucker takes us along on a trip that for many of the students, was their first chance to paddle on moving water.

The Young Naturalists Program at University School of Nashville makes sure that students from kindergarten through high school integrate classroom work with nature trips. So this year’s fourth graders can look forward to many more outdoor learning adventures in the years to come. This commitment to outdoor learning is just one reason why the school won the Governor’s Environmental Stewardship Award in 2010.

The Duck River, one of North America’s most biologically diverse streams, is also home for the excellent river guides at Higher Pursuits. Located near Columbia, Higher Pursuits rents canoes and kayaks, provided guided trips on the Duck River, canoe instruction, kayak instruction, and are an authorized dealer for Jackson Fishing and Recreational Kayaks. To learn more, visit them at

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