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Iroquois Steeplechase Behind the Scenes

Unless you’ve grown up in a world of pony clubs, followed by a little fox hunting, you might not necessarily understand the ups and downs of Steeplechasing.  Or why so many “well-to-do” visitors are drawn to Percy Warner Park in Nashville every year to watch the races.

We’re horse owners, but all we really knew about the sport was that it involved jumping and sometimes a friendly wager or two.

So when Tennessee Assistant Agriculture Commissioner, and accomplished equestrian Corinne Gould, suggested we go behind the scenes, to meet a successful trainer and one of the horse owners, we followed her advice.

We not only met the kind of people you always hope are caring for competitive horses, but we learned more about what’s actually happening out there on the field.

Over the years there has been some controversy with injuries to Steeplechase horses or jockeys.  But, Trainer Ted Thompson says his worst injuries were not at the races or while he was jumping.  And, as far as the Tantivy horses, we are told they are treated much like a Tennessee Titan with MRI’s, ultrasounds, X-Rays anything they might need to make sure they stay in tip top physical condition.

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