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A Tough Day at the Office

Whether young or old, a day outside is hard to beat….even when that day doesn’t go as planned. Wild Side Guide Chris Nischan can attest to that. As a fishing guide, Chris has learned to deal with the unexpected. So when one of his clients cancelled at the last minute, he called up Wild Side Guide Joey Monteleone to see if he wanted to go fishing. Then Chris discovered his trolling motor was broken. Faced with the choice of going home and working on his boat or putting in and making do, Chris made the obvious decision.

Now granted their trolling motor was out, but we think two professional fishermen would have tried a more stealthy approach to catching fish. But something tells us they didn’t care all that much…they were having too much fun!

If you’d like to have some fun on the water catching fish, give Chris a shout…here’s his website. When he’s not out fishing, Chris also spends time guiding turkey, deer, elk, and duck hunts.

And if you’re interested in learning some of Joey’s trade secrets, you might want to check out his latest video, Fish Tales and Tips.