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Fishing & Hunting

Tennessee’s Wild Side is already preparing for the next hunt or fishing adventure and we’re taking you along. Join our award-winning writers, producers, and videographers as we open the door to unique locations, techniques and traditions across the great state of Tennessee with some very special people who embody the spirit of the Wild Side.

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Mabry Harper’s World Record
More than 3,000 world records cover 125 species of fresh water fish – perhaps none as interesting as a walleye caught on a remote stretch of the Cumberland River northeast of Nashville.

WSG-sauger 01

Wild Side Gourmet: Sautéed Sauger
Our Wild Side Gourmet Tom Pardue and his lovely wife Miss Phyllis share a recipe for savory sauger.

mike crittenden 06

Mike Crittenden’s Story
Mike Crittenden doesn't want to tell you what went right on his most memorable hunt. He wants you to know what went wrong so it doesn't happen to you.

Fly fishing in school

Fly Fishing in Schools
From episode #2103: Skipping school to go fishing is a time-honored tradition that is probably as old as the sport itself. But times have changed; these kids are fishing IN school.

Jett Williams

Jett Williams
Hank Williams' legacy doesn't represent just past. His daughter Jett carries on with song and Hank's love of the outdoors.

Special Kids Turkey Hunt

Special Kids Turkey Hunt
An annual turkey hunt in Giles County benefits young people with handicaps and health problems. It's all in memory of a young cancer patient who spent much of her short life helping others — and still does today through her Deanna Glossup Foundation.

bethel bass 05

Fishing for an Education
Wild Side Guide Ken Tucker takes us to McKenzie, TN, where Bethel University's bass team was defending a championship, and works to turn fishing knowledge into a career.

Bill  Miller

Bill Miller
Like rivers' flowing currents, life has a way of carrying you places you don't expect. Today Bill Miller is far from the peaceful streams he grew up with but no matter how far he travels, the river is always there.

morris ferry 03

Fishing at Morris Ferry
Wildside Guide Eve Annunziato takes us to the banks of Woods Reservoir near Arnold Air Force base in Franklin County to find out what made it so memorable, and what its future holds.

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TWF Governor’s Dove Hunt
The Governors Dove Hunt happens every September, with or without the governor, near Bell Buckle. See why the next one should include you.

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Daniel Greer Memorial Duck Hunt
Wild Side Guide Annette Nole Hall is honored to tell this story of a devoted husband, father and soldier who continues to give to Middle Tennessee even after giving all in battle.

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Cicada Fishing
The same loud, red-eyed flying bug that we swat away, yell at and try to avoid is an effective bait for anyone looking for a fun day on the water.

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Scholastic Clay Target
Wild Side Guide Ken Tucker takes us to the line with middle school kids who believe that if they work hard enough, anything's possible.

browniess on redd 03

Brownies on the Redd
Some incredible trout fishing is at the Caney Fork. Wild Side Guide Chris Nischan shows us how "big brownies" are just waiting to make your day.

HH_turkey decoys 01

Hints for the Hunt — Turkey Decoys
Any turkey hunter can tell you, decoys are not a sure bet for fooling a gobbler but here are some tips to getting closer.

wheelchair duck 03

Wheelchair Duck Hunt
For an outdoorsman in a wheelchair to go duck hunting in Tennessee... three very important things are necessary. We tell them all.

jay clementi 02

Fishin’ for a Song
Wild Side Guide Terry Bulger introduces us to singer, songwriter, and fishing guide Jay Clementi.

fall bass 06

Bad Weather, Good Bass
Wild Side Guide Joey Monteleone says a cold, rainy fall day slows the fisherman down a lot more than it does the fish.

gar fishing 02

A Mouthful of Fun
Some think gar are trash fish, but Wild Side Guide Chris Nischan believes if you haven’t caught one, you’re missing out on a great adventure.

pjs first fish 04

P.J.’s First Fish
This is a story about a little boy who got a very special surprise early on a summer morning. And it just may have changed his life.

small pond catfish 06

Small Pond Catfish
Bigger is always better, right? Not so fast, anglers. Joey Monteleone shows us how much fun you can have fishing on a small pond.

HH-2013 turkey calls 01

Hints for the Hunt: Turkey Calls 2013
Wild Side Guide Thomas Southerland looks at some new calls that can improve your odds of bringing home a bird.

sauger 02

Sauger Secrets
You don’t need a boat to catch sauger; from the bank at night when currents from a nearby dam move bait fish closer to shore works just as well.

MBA air rifle 01

Montgomery Bell Academy Rifle Classic
As Wildside Guide Annette Nole Hall tells us, there’s more than a championship at stake for these young marksmen at the Montgomery Bell Academy’s Rifle Classic in Tennessee.

fish in a barrel 03

Fish in a Barrel
Have you ever heard the phrase, "It's like catching fish in a barrel." Wild Side Guide Richard Simms, a real-life fishing guide, loves fishing below Chickamauga Dam, which he considers a very productive barrel.

deer rally 02

Coffee County Deer Rally
In Coffee County, deer hunting is a real big deal, and it's celebrated at one of the largest youth sportsman deer rallies in the state.

harpeth dam 09

Releasing a River
Wild Side Guide Ken Tucker takes us to Franklin, Tenn., where a key part of a restoration effort starts with removing the last remaining dam on the Harpeth River.

hunters for hungry 04

Hunters for the Hungry
Hunters for the Hungry is helping to fill empty stomachs of homeless people and families facing financial difficulties, too.

tailwater 11

Tailwater Controversy
Wild Side Guide Alan Griggs shows us how emotions are high and patience wearing thin over the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' plan to restrict public access to tail water fishing.

youth elk 06

First Youth Elk Hunt
Join us on a very special hunt for a unique animal that at one time disappeared from our state...elk. Wild Side Guide Chris Nischan takes fourteen year-old Jessica Parkins on the first ever Tennessee Youth Elk Hunt.

fandango turkey 03

The Turkey Fandango
Using a turkey fan to attract birds should NEVER be tried on public land. You don’t want to be mistaken for a turkey by an eager hunter. But if you want to on private land, Wild Side Guide Chris Nischan shows how it's done.

Healing Harvest
We all owe our service men and women a debt of gratitude for the sacrifices they make to protect our freedom and the Wounded Warrior program allows you to do just that.

tn muskie 11

Tennessee Muskie
Once plentiful in our state, the mighty muskie almost disappeared. Today, thanks to the hard work of the TWRA and others, Tennessee muskie are making a comeback...and attracting anglers from around the world.

buaffalo run 05

Buffalo Run
Remember the great buffalo stampedes of the old West? They still happen, but the Buffalo we’re talking about today swim in Tellico Reservoir. And for a few days every April, they make their spawning runs into Citico Creek.

first time fish 09

First Time Fishing
What do you get when you combine city kids, wriggly worms, and hungry fish? A day full of Wild Side memories!

pickwick cats 01

Pickwick Cats
Wild Side Guide Joey Monteleone heads to the Tennessee River with fishing guide Phil King in search of catfish and shows us how a few basic rules apply no matter what fish you're after.

mtn music 14

Mountain Music Fish Tourney
See what happens when about 400 eager kids head to the lake in search of bass, prizes, and a great time at a fishing tournament that's just for them!

lewis co turkey 07

Lewis Co. Youth Turkey
Stalking Tennessee turkey is a thrill...but it's especially exciting when you're a young person setting out before daybreak in search of your first gobbler.

WSG-cajun crab stuffed turkey 01

WS Gourmet: Cajun Crab-stuffed Turkey
Wild Side Gourmet Tom Pardue and his lovely wife and cooking partner Miss Phyllis share a great turkey recipe.

WSG_turkey wraps 02

Wild Side Gourmet: Turkey Wraps
Wild Side Gourmet Tom Pardue and his wife Miss Phyllis show us how to make turkey wraps out of the day's successful hunt.

small craft 04

Small boat, big bass
Wild Side Guide Joey Monteleone heads out to the Stones River with a friend for a day of small water fishing that produces a big bass.

RT-panfish 01

Reel Tips: Panfish
When it comes to putting tasty fish on the table, you can't go wrong with panfish. Wild Side Guide Joey Monteleone shares some Reel Tips on how to catch these fun little fish.

collins river muskie 05

Collins River Muskie
There's something swimming in the Collins River with a jaw full of razor-sharp teeth that will make your heart pump faster! It’s called muskellunge or muskie and it's certainly a challenge to catch.

small pond catfish 04

Reel Tips: Catfishing Basics
Catfishing doesn't have to be complicated, but there's more to it than just baiting a hook and waiting for a bite. Wild Side Guide Joey Monteleone shares some Reel Tips that will help a beginning catfisher become a better catfisher.

chickamauga big bass 06

Chickamauga Big Bass
These days, if you fish a tournament on Chickamauga Lake, you'll need to catch fish that average at least 8lbs a piece to have a chance at winning. We'll see how the lake has earned a big bass reputation.

brook trout 12

Brook Trout Restoration
The Southern Appalachian Brook Trout is the only trout native to our state and the TWRA and others are trying to make sure it doesn't disappear.

WSG_fried crappie 01

Wild Side Gourmet: Fried Crappie
Wild Side Gourmet Tom Pardue and Miss Phyllis serve up some delicious fried crappie with honey hush puppies on the side.

chickasaw 13

Chickasaw Fish Rodeo
Young anglers know that the size of the fish you catch isn't as important as just getting to go fishing!

deputies for hungry 07

Protect and Serve
With lots of deer, deputies who loved to hunt, and lots of hungry folks trying to get through hard times, one Tennessee sheriff found a way to help those in need.

couples fishing 08

Couples Fishing
Meet some folks who say it's never too late to find your soulmate... OR to take them fishing.

gobbler knob 08

Gobbler Knob Longrifles
The satisfaction that comes from a successful hunt brings a universal thrill, but it's even more thrilling when you built the gun used for the harvest.

record elk 09

Tennessee’s Record Elk
Have you ever wondered what it's like to pursue one of the biggest animals living in our North American forests? One Tennessee hunter found out on the hunt of a lifetime!

first crappie 07

Chris’ First Crappie
It's a special day when a young angler catches his first fish...on a Tennessee lake that's becoming know as one of the best in the U.S. for catching crappie.

island mountain pat 12

Island Mountain Pat
Pat Riley loves the carefree mountain life of his Dekalb County home, where he can hang out, hunt, fish, swim...and make music.

jamin turner 01

Jamin Turner’s First Turkey
For young hunters like Jamin Turner, the excitement of their first successful hunt is often hard to describe, but always memorable and often life changing.

thin the herd 05

Thinning the Herd
When good deer management combines with an opportunity to give back to wounded warriors, it’s a winning combination all the way around.

just fishing 01

Just Fishing
While catching a trophy fish is always fun, sometimes you just can't beat a day spent out on the water with a good friend...just fishing.

youth rabbit 01

Youth Rabbit Hunt
The fields of West Tennessee are great places for all kinds of hunting, but some of the most fun occurs during the fall and winter when it’s rabbit season.

RT_knots 01

Reel Tips: Basic Knots
Wild Side Guide Joey Monteleone says there's no need to go nuts over knots and shows us 2 knots every angler should know.

mason duck 08

Springville Bottom Duck Hunt
Garry Mason, one of West Tennessee’s top hunting and fishing guides takes us to one of his favorite spots to hunt ducks.

youth duck 08

Youth Duck Hunt
For boys and girls how have never been, a duck hunting trip can be a life changing experience, with the help and guidance of some experienced hunters.

first time turkey 06

First Time Turkey Hunt
Turkey hunting can be a thrilling experience, especially when it's your first time to stalk a Tennessee tom!

RT_knots 03

Reel Tips: Basic Knots
Don't go nuts over knots! Here are step-by-step instructions on how to tie two of the most fundamental and best performing knots there improved clinch knot and a palomar knot.

spring bass-crappie 02

Percy Priest Spring Crappie & Bass
Wild Side Guide Joey Monteleone and fishing guide Brian Carper head to Percy Priest Lake on a fine spring day perfect for crappie and bass fishing.

SUP fish 16

Paddleboard Fly-Fishing
Never afraid to try something new, Wild Side Guide Chris Nischan grabbed his surf shirt and fly-rod and headed out to the Caney Fork River to try fly-fishing from a paddleboard.

earl 06

Earl Pemberton and the Old #1
Meet Earl Pemberton, World War II veteran, cancer survivor, and a man who loves to go a very special boat!

jett 01

A Family Tradition
Jett Williams carries on the legacy of her famous father Hank, both with song and a love of the outdoors.

private turkey 11

Public Hunter Meets Private Turkey
For years Jimmy Dobes believed turkey hunting couldn't get any better than it was on the public lands of East TN. But that was before Wild Side Guide Chris Nischan took him hunting on a private farm.

cumberland striper 13

Cumberland River Striped Bass
Travel to the Cumberland River with fishing guide Bob Angello in search of striped bass, a muscular fish that puts up quite a fight when hooked.

seasonal tackle 04

Reel Tips: Seasonal Tackle Boxes
Some fisherman like to carry around a big box of baits...but why carry lures you won't use?

elk 10

Hard Hunt, Big Harvest
Hunting elk in the rugged terrain of the North Cumberlands is a challenge for any hunter...but this hard hunt can lead to a really big harvest.

women's quail 04

Women’s Quail Hunt
Meet some ladies who travel the country looking for adventure on a quail and pheasant hunt near Lynville, Tennessee.

caz 11

Caz’s First Fishing Trip
For a little boy is so sick that exposure to places or people outside his home or a hospital room puts his little life at risk, the chance to go fishing for the first time is an an amazing adventure.

youth deer 10

Hardin County Youth Deer Hunt
Thanks to the the hard work of some caring volunteers, more and more kids are getting a chance to not just get out and hunt...but to experience the wonder of nature.

governors bass 02

Governors Bass Tournament
Two long-time friends in a fishing boat trying win a bass tournament can only mean one thing...a fun day on the water!

ww fish 02

Wounded Warrior Fish Tournament
These wounded veterans from Fort Campbell find comfort and solace as they enjoy a fund day on the waters of Kentucky Lake fishing in a tournament set up as a "thank you!" for their service.

soul hunters 09

Soul Hunters
Chris Smith and his hunting partner Michael Mason spend many hours in the field videotaping turkey hunts that Chris edits and turns into DVDs to help share a message.

joey and chris 01

A Tough Day at the Office
Whether young or old, a day outside is hard to beat....even when that day doesn't go as planned.

jr bass 01

Junior B.A.S.S. Tournament
Share the excitement of young anglers competing for the title of “champion” at the state Junior Bass tournament on Kentucky Lake.

gun dogs 06

Gun Dog Training
World-renowned dog trainer Roddy Reynolds is truly a dog whisperer, and he's got some tips on ways YOU can do some dog whispering of your own.

fish tourney preps 02

Fish Tournament Preps
Veteran bass tournament angler David Gnewikow shares some tips on how to get ready to fish your next tournament.

trout in trouble 04

Trout in Trouble?
Trout stocking in Tennessee, started to replace native fish displaced by dams, is now in jeopardy, putting the state's trout populations in danger.

RT-soft plastics 05

Reel Tips: Soft Plastics
Whether it’s a tournament or just for fun, knowing as much as you can about the bait you're using always helps.

cranking 01

Reel Tips-Crankbaits
From floater-diver and lipless crankbaits to jerk baits and square billed "wake" crankbaits, our resident professor of fishology Joey Monteleone covers the basics of cranking.

rocky fork 03

Rocky Fork Trout
Flowing through the East Tennessee mountains, the pools, eddys, boulders and rocks of Rocky Fork Creek create what many call the perfect mountain stream for trout fishing.

cold water cats 14_web banner

Cold Water Cats
For those anglers willing to brave freezing temperatures on the cold waters of Chickamauga Lake, patience and persistence often pay off in trophy catfish.

FCF fall fishing 01

Fall Creek Falls Fishing
Known for its scenic beauty and wild waterfalls, Fall Creek Falls is also a great place to grab a kayak or jon boat and head out in search of fish.

buffalo river adventure 06

Buffalo River Adventure
For those looking to get away from it all, a fishing and camping trip down the Buffalo River...118 miles to its confluence with the the perfect place to go.

far east on south harpeth 25

Far East on the South Harpeth
Experience fishing nirvana with young anglers from the Far East as they spend a day hunting big bass...and a few other fish...on the South Harpeth River.

crappie club 07

Chattanooga Crappie Club
Normally a reclusive bunch, these fishermen in Chattanooga are coming together as a group to network, share tips, compete and catch lots of crappie!

ww turkey 02

Wounded Warrior Turkey Hunt
Wounded American soldiers take to the woods in search of turkey...and healing memories of a day spent in the Tennessee outdoors.

Screen Shot 2013-01-11 at 4.03.12 PM

Virgin Waters (Carrol County Lake)
It's every fisherman's dream: A thousand-acre lake all to yourself. Even better? A lake that's been stocked with fish and YOU are the first one to fish it. You'll have to see this one to believe it.

double gobble 03

Double Gobble
Expect the unexpected" should be the motto of every gobbler-loving hunter out there, even if your guide is world-renowned for their hunting and calling.


Conservation Fisheries
Over the years we've encountered some very special people and organizations dedicated to preserving the Wild Side of our great state.