The Emmy Award winning show produced through the generosity of the Jackson
Foundation, Tennessee State Parks, and the Tennessee Wildlife Federation.

About Us

Tennessee’s Wild Side is an outdoor adventure show designed and developed for viewing by the whole family. Supported by the Tennessee State Parks and Produced by RockWater, LLC, in cooperation with Nashville Public Television, Wild Side is a nine-time regional Emmy Award winning series that has been on the air almost two decades. Steve hostingShot on location and hosted by television veteran Steve Hall, the show will take you to exciting and remote areas of the state. We’ll go hiking on a brand new trail at the new natural area near Baxter, ride horses trained by the family of famed coach Pat Head Summit, see what’s being done to protect trees under attack by foreign insects, go kayaking with some kids on a trip so thrilling they are not soon to forget, and make music with mountain masters. If you hike, bike, camp, canoe, fish, hunt, or just like to kick back, relax, and watch television, we want you with us.

Tennessee is home to 56 state parks, with eleven-hundred miles of trails, 365 cabins, 36 campgrounds, and over 80 waterfalls.  We won’t ever run out of ways to educate and entertain you.

Our Wild Side staff includes:

  • Show Producer & Host: Steve Hall, Partner RockWater, LLC
  • Wild Side Guide Ezekiel Nole Hall


  • Wild Side Guide: Chris Nischan
  • Wild Side Guide: Richard Simms
  • Wild Side Guide: Lindsay Ferrier